About Us


In 2009, originating from the enthusiasm of Bluetooth Speaker, Shenzhen Solyson Technology Co.,ltd  founder started to study and design his own brand of “AIBIMY” focusing in Bluetooth Speaker development.

Simplism, Fashion and  Portable are the common characters of  “AIBIMY” products.Persisting in the perfection of the product quality demanding. “AIBIMY”depends on the innovative design and excellent quality, quick foothold in the 3C digital accessories market, and gradually win the favour of the international market, as well as the respect of the same industry.

At now, “Aibimy” product exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and India ect, development many core dealers and gradually improve the sales network, build integrated marketing channels.

Brand Concept

Aibimy brand was established in 2009, from the concept of fashion and portable, inclusive of the popular culture of passion fashion, grafted in classical and modern style, “AIBIMY” came into being! Modern Design, Efforts to innovation for the brand core!

AIBIMY Purpose

Aibimy  haven’t strict hierarchy,every employee all equality and like own friends.

We are young rather than frivolous.Keep advocate innovation and refuse long metting processes,develop ability in the relaxed working environment.

Solyson believe customers are driving forces,adhere to product concept “Exist For Brand Dream”.